FONDEF D09I1185, 2011 – 2014

Real-Time and Scalable Web Observatory

The concept of observatories on the Web is generic and of interest to a wide variety of individuals and businesses. Only in Chile, over the past five years, there have been dozens of observatories dedicated to discovering information relevant to a wide range of national affairs that is communicated to its users. These systems classify information manually and present content in a static way, and techniques for content search are still based on keywords, which limits the usefulness of the information collected by the observatory. This project aims to improve the user experience of observatories providing software tools that allow us to observe the dynamics of the Web by combining techniques of spatio-temporal databases and recent strategies for web mining such as topics detection and emerging social communities, among others. The innovative component of the project lies in the projection in time and space (sources of publication and / or geographic locations) of the different views of the detected information on the Web, as well as, the traces detected in the interactions by the users of national companies with applications that attract millions of users. Basically, the business model of the project has the following components: (a) A Web portal “Observatories” scalable to millions of users and configurable to multiple domains, according to the needs of individual and corporate users, and where the funding comes via payment of subscription and download plug-ins for personal computers, and (b) an advanced system based on modules that can be installed in the data center of business organizations interested in monitoring the Web and better understand their users.